Public speaking is speaking in public. This speech is usually delivered by the person on any topic to audience. These days the importance of public speaking is increasing. A good speaker is always the centre of attraction. Yes, a good speaker is the one who is appreciated and followed. But how can one be a good speaker? This question always strikes our mind before performing this activity. Public speaking is always done for a purpose that includes three main things- to inform, to persuade and to entertain. So, whatever the purpose is, here are some tips to beautify your speech which leaves a sturdy impact on your set of audience.

1. Practice will make you perfect

Every day practicing and implementing the same is the best way to lead. Make mirror your friend to build your self-confidence. When you overcome the fear of speaking in front of others only then you can be a good speaker. Be expressive and motivate yourself to speak effectively.

2. Engage with your audience

You can become a successful speaker only when you involve your audience effectively. So, focus on your audience and try to engage them in your subject. Be confident and don’t deliver your speech without preparation.

3. Prepare for success

Prepare for success

Prepare well before going to speaking. Go through the subject and know what you are going to talk about. If you go without preparation you can never be confident. Prepare well to steal time of audience. Know all the details of the subject you are going to discuss. Do make your introduction impressive and steal the show with your speech. Be confident and modest and say a big no to Overconfidence.

4. Don’t worry about the results

No worries about result

In public speaking, there is the positive or negative outcome of the speech. Either your audience gives a positive response or they can have their negative views regarding the same. Hold your audience with your efficient and effective language skills. Do not mislead your audience. Face your audience with courage and be a good leader. You, your self-confidence plays a crucial role here. If you miss something or make an error, don’t let this suffer your performance.

Some Do and Don’t of PUBLIC SPEAKING


– Prepare well before the final presentation.
– Connect with your audience and make eye contact.
– Smile and love your speech. Give positive environment to your audience.
– Try to give good examples and try to make your speech interesting.
– Watch videos of public speaking and try to motivate yourself.
– To overcome your fear, try to reach on time and always give a positive response. Greet your audience and make them comfortable.
– Polish your rudimentary knowledge regarding the topic.
– Be a dynamic personality and answer the questions calmly.
– Practice with your friends and gain more confidence.
– Make your prelude (introducing sentence) strong.
– Deliver your speech with gusto.

BIG NO-Don’t of Public Speaking

Big no for public speaking

-Going unprepared.
-Untidy and bad dressing sense.
-Bad body posture.
-Rude tone and rough language.
– Ambiguous starting and ending.
-Perplexed behaviour.
-Never disclose the audience that you are nervous.

tips and tricks of public speaking

So now try to implement all the tips and tricks and be a heroic personality in the field of public speaking……….

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