These days’ myriad exams are being conducted in various institutes, schools, and even organizations. These exams make students nervous and uncomfortable. These tests sometimes undermine the candidate confidence and create panic among them.
One such test is of IELTS, which is usually considered as ‘scary’ for non -native English speakers. The modules of IELTS can be intimidating if not handled in an appropriate way. This particular exam is basically used for testing the proficiency of English and not general Knowledge. Hence, it is crucial to have a good hold on ENGLISH.

There are 5 things that the candidates are scared of the most in IELTS.

1) What if I miss the answers in the Listening module?

Even before the listening task starts, the thought of whether the test would be easy or difficult starts to ramble in the mind. The task demand reading and listening in a simultaneous way. Test giver must analyse and concentrate on what is being heard. If one of the answers gets missed, continue to do the next rather than spending time on what has been missed. Sometimes even guesstimating might help in filling the answers.

Things about IELTS

2) What if I get interrupted in-between during Listening?

No one can disturb the test taker in-between the listening task. The candidates are advised to carry an extra pencil in case the lead of the pencil breaks unexpectedly in the middle of the test. Secondly, check the headphones properly so that you can listen to the speaker vividly.


3) Would I be able to complete my Reading test on time?

Reading requires practice, where one has to read and answer in a given time from 3 comprehensive passages. The different question requires different time. For example, most of the candidates feel that time spent on heading matching is more than fill in the blanks question. Hence, perfect practice and understanding which question to solve first might help in reducing the stress of reading during the given time.

4) What would I do if I get essay topic which I am unaware of?

IELTS Writing task includes essays based on general topic. They are usually subjective or argumentative. One can assert his/her view according to the demand of the question. However, the number of words should be kept in mind to avoid getting astray.

5) Will I get score according to my Body language or dressing sense while giving the speaking test?

The answer is ‘No’, however, there is no harm being in a decent demeanour. One’s charming behaviour is always welcomed by other people. Proper eye contact, following right intonation, correct sitting posture can conduct a comfortable one to one interaction space for both the test taker and giver.

IELTS Speaking Test
To conclude, I would say that there are numerous questions which come across our mind while giving an unprepared exam. Therefore, the examinee must practice and become aware of the strategies to solve the questions. Confidence and a positive attitude can always be a plus point in performing the best in any exam. Hence, do not forget to carry it along!

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