Speaking style varies from person to person as different states have a different accent. Everyday usage of English in social and working place creates slang in language which makes the Speaking task difficult in PTE. Due to this reason the native speaker may also find difficult to obtain marks in PTE. The important aspects of speaking are pronunciation and oral fluency which need the proper attention of the candidate. You can definitely increase your score in speaking by polishing these two traits. ORAL FLUENCY AND PRONUNCIATION

Oral fluency

Oral fluency is appropriate flow, speed and correct usage of grammar, so as to obtain a correct hold over language.


Pronunciation is an accepted standard of the sound and stress patterns of a word, phrase, or a combination of words etc.

Listen, Read and Speak
Listen, Read and Speak    

Start your day with listening, reading and speaking English. Practice every day to reduce your fluency errors. Read books, magazines, and newspaper and try to speak words that you find difficult. Listen to videos with more formal language as this will help you to gain confidence in formal words.



Speak with confidence in natural tone

Speak with confidence in natural tone

Speak with confidence and in a natural tone. Do not rush while speaking. Sometimes the word spoken holds no meaning which creates the problem and can harm the content as well. So to overcome this problem read as much as you can and speak. Be audible and clear to the computer and practice this by recording your voice. After recording the content do self-assessment of the content.





Proper pause, correct stress on words and intonation can act as miracle

Proper pause, correct stress on words and intonation can act as miracle

The content given in reading aloud, repeat the sentence and retell the lecture contain such information which needs more focus while speaking. Some words complete the meaning of sentences hence; need to be spoken with correct stress. Practice plays an imperative role in speaking. Read sentences as this will help you to know where to pause and where to stop. For example, “Are you going to the market?” now in this sentence, you must know that this is a question. So, speak it in the same tone as well as put proper stress while speaking it again. Do not read either speak in one tone and use proper intonation to excel in PTE.




Know the question type and then answer


The proper speaking method starts with understanding the question first. Understand the question and prepare your speaking in given preparation time. Focus on the sentences and linking words and get ready to speak. Assemble your ideas and then start speaking. Be confident while you speaking and again don’t forget to speak fluently. Do not speak any word you are not comfortable with. Keep it simple and do not create a trouble for yourself by using complex words.


Some must and must not of PTE speaking

  1. Remember- do not pause for more than 3 seconds.
  2. Do not panic and speak with proper fluency. Do not repeat the word said and try not to correct yourself in between the task.
  3. Stress on words which according to you are the keywords
  4. Keep control of your pace and speak with proper modulation.
  5. Know your weak areas in speaking and practice accordingly.
  6. Do not lose hope if you fail and just focus on your aim.
  7. Everyday reading and learning new words can definitely improve pronunciation.
  8. Speak English. Focus that PTE is just going to check your hold over this language. So speak and speak and evaluate your performance.
  9. Avoid fillers as PTE assessment system will not neglect this. Try to access yourself and check how many times do you pause or stumble. So, focus to overcome your irrelevant pauses.

Make an effort to employ the above-mentioned guidelines to pull off high score in PTE speaking……..


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