Faire is an irregular verb which means ‘to do as well as to make.’

Meaning of Faire

While using expressions with verb faire, the meaning of the verb changes. Some of the expressions are given below:

Quel temps fait-il?                          How is the weather?

Il fait beau                                        The weather is fine.

Il fait chaud                                      The weather is hot.

Il fait froid                                        The weather is cold.

Il fait soleil                                       It is sunny.

Il fait du vent                                   It is windy.

Il fait du brouillard                        It is foggy.

Il fait jour                                         It is daytime.

Il fait nuit                                         It is dark.

Il/Elle fait du shopping                He/ She goes for shopping.

Il/Elle fait des achats/courses     He/She is purchasing

Il/Elle fait le ménage                     He/She is doing the housework.

Il/Elle fait la queue                        He/ She is standing in a line.

Il/Elle fait un voyage                     He/She goes for a trip.

Il/Elle fait une promenade          He/She is going for a walk.

Il/Elle fait un gâteau/crêpe         He/She is making a cake/pancake

In all above examples, when we are talking about ‘Il fait’ it means weather.  But, we can use faire with other subject’s pronouns as well as different expressions.

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