Ladder towards Strong Writing

Writing essay can be a key to success with the help of proper preparation and dedication. Ladder towards Strong Writing In this task, the test takers are required to write an essay about a given topic. This module assesses the writing skills, grammar, sentence formation, quality of writing and ability to provide the relevant content to the question asked from the candidate.

Plan and organize

Planning and organizing will go hand in hand in case of writing. How will you do that? The answer for the same is that plan what you are going to write and organize your paragraphs accordingly to the set pattern. Make 4 paragraphs in 20 minutes and the word limit is 200 to 300 words. Make sure that you write more than 200 words.

Don’t beat around the bush

Don’t avoid the main topic of the question and keep your writing simple and avoid complex sentences. Try to give relevant examples in each body paragraph to support your opinion. Avoid repeating words and sentences in the essay.

Essay structure to be followed

Divide your paragraph into 4 passages.

If you partially agree and disagree
1. Paragraph – Introduction of the main idea. 2. Paragraph – Body paragraph plus example (why you agree to the statement?)
3. Paragraph – Body paragraph plus example (why you disagree?) 4. Paragraph – Conclusion – explain the reader which argument is most convincing and don’t confuse by giving diplomatic conclusion (in your opinion)

If you focus towards one side of argument

1. Paragraph – Introduction of the main topic 2. Paragraph – Body paragraph plus example (why you agree?)
3.  Paragraph – Body paragraph plus example (why you agree?) 4. Paragraph – Conclusion – sum up arguments you made in the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

Kill two birds with one stone

Time to pull up your socks if you want to achieve a good score in PTE. Start writing and reading essays. Make your vocabulary list and use them while practicing. Try to learn some good idioms and phrases that you can use comfortably.Know your strengths and weakness as this will not only help you to give your best short but will also help you to think something out of the box.

Extra benefit tips

Use good vocabulary and beware of spellings and grammar you are using.

Manage your time and keep the format in mind.

Read the question and know the type of question and organize writing accordingly.

Proofread the essay in the end and ensure that there is no error.

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