Few common mistakes are observed in IELTS writing test which should not be done.


This word is not seen in any formal writing and it is considered as an informal word.As writing of Ielts is formal and these things should be avoidable.For instance, One must do something whenever he is free” is informal sentence.
“One must do random chores in free time.” is a formal sentence which should be used in IELTS writing.


This word is used to describe ordinary things or the quality of products such as food or taste. Try replacing it with ‘; average; ordinary; uninspiring’.


This word is a very basic adjective that goes well with almost every noun. Try using other adjectives that illustrate the scenarios in a better way, such as an excellent exam grade, or exceptional flavor.


This is the antonym of good, and again it is too basic for writing. Try using more specific words that suits the sentence, for example: ‘inadequate performance; incompetent skills; damaging effect’.


This is frequently used interchangeably with ‘verydone. though neither is formal enough for writing. One may replace it with ‘vastly; immensely or excessively’

Every coin has two sides (Idioms)

You should avoid idioms in writing test, but you may use these in the speaking test to get higher band score.

More and more

One of the two words will be sufficient to convey the same meaning. Simply replacing it with the word ‘morea

And so on, or so forth, or etc.

If they are not worth listing then it is better to avoid them. Put a full stop on the list that you are trying to convey.


This word can be used to express people in a wide range of age. Try replacing it with more specific words such as ‘youngsters; teenagers; youth; adolescents; children; or infants’


This refers to wild or aggressive behavior but can be quite IELTS; words such as ‘irresponsible; questionable; misguided’ are better choices for writing.

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