You spent a lot of time writing down new words. You spent an equally good time searching their meanings and memorizing them. Now you’re just hoping you’d get a chance to use them; tick tock and you’re off the clock. So what exactly happened? Did the opportunity never came or did you not see it? Perhaps, you never saw those words the way you were supposed to: less fancy and more of a help in a conversation.

The words you’ve been writing down are only as good as the context in which you first read them. Whenever you come across a novel word, read the context in which they’re used. Read the lines preceding and succeeding it. Attempt to understand the tone and the weight age of the word. Only after this process, you should pick up a pen and a paper and write it down to memorize it.

You’ll get a lot of opportunities to use good vocabulary. Take a good look at the words below:
Afraid, scared, Terrified.

Even though they all essentially mean the same thing, you’ll only understand the intensity of the degree of fear carried in each one of them when you read them in their appropriate context and likewise the same can then be used to express your emotions in an apt way whenever required. So whenever you decide to improve your vocabulary, make sure that other than just a thesaurus, you’ve a few good books and articles to assist you better.

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