Confidence, Candour, and Consistent practice are required for a non-native speaker for understanding any explicit language.English is such language which needs all these conventions.’IELTS Speaking’ English is a recognized language which plays a prominent role in the globalization. Usage of this language helps in better communication around the world.

Due to lack of knowledge and complex rules of grammar, the non-native speakers often find it difficult to interface with native speakers.The subtle and impressive way of speaking can be acquired by the usage of Idioms and Phrases, which can be further obtained by recognizing the role of grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.

In IELTS speaking test, the proficiency of Spoken English is evaluated.‘How you speak is more important than what you speak. All the aspects like Fluency and Coherence, lexical Vocabulary, Grammatical range and accuracy, Pronunciation will be contemplated.IELTS Speaking


The different criteria used in order to analyze the IELTS speaking skills are:


The listener’s interest and continuity can be maintained with the help of linking words in a speech.
Fluency is often misunderstood as speed, but it has nothing to do with fast speaking.It means one should speak continuously in the natural speed of speaking without taking pauses and hesitation.

Usage of Vocabulary

The proper use of vocabulary can give a good impact on the examiner.The viewpoint and emotions can be effectively expressed by using appropriate words in appropriate situations.For example: if we speak, “the ship is swimming in the sea”, here, we probably mean that the ship is moving on the water, but the appropriate verb in this situation is ‘sailing’ and not ‘swimming’.Therefore, we must understand the use of appropriate words for appropriate contexts.

Grammatical Range

Candidates need to use proper tenses, proper verb forms, prepositions, articles and other rules of grammar while speaking.


It is the skill to speak clearly so that the listener doesn’t have to make efforts to understand the speech.

Apart from the above parameters, there is one aspect which a candidate must always consider, that is, the conviction to face the interview.Though due to less usage of this language, some people might find it hard to converse in English, however, with the determination and inquisitiveness one can learn anything under the sun.

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