The Success of IELTS depends on the number of factors.

Basic English Skills+ Analytical skills and Reasoning + Common sense + General Idea about world issues + Presence of mind + Vocabulary knowledge + Relevant Training

IELTS has no set or predefined syllabus or course material

It means that cramming or attempting any number of tests or reading multitude of books does not mean that you have covered the full extent or scope out of which the test will be conducted. The pattern has finite and definitive style. For example: Reading includes 3 passages and 40 questions which have to be done in 60 minutes.

Cramming will not help you to pass the test

Relevant training and continues willingness to learn new things and topics will help to score good bands in this test. However, you will never be able to score an impressive score if this is the technique of cramming will not facilitate in any way.

IELTS means English test.. so why complicated topics in the curriculum?

This test not only checks the English skills but indirectly it examines your reasoning and common sense abilities too. A candidate who is well aware of what is happening around the world and is in touch with information about latest issues in the society is facing, is generally in a better position to be successful in IELTS Exam in the very first attempt.

IELTS is easy, any educated person can crack it

Believe it or not, and overconfidence is a major reason why the huge number of candidates fails in this test. Candidates who have been educated in English through their school and colleges become overconfident that IELTS exam is easy. IELTS test is Tricky, it has set TIME allocated for each task and if you are not trained to handle the time properly then you will not clear the test. It must be understood that IELTS exam is a simple exam that requires basic common sense and presence of mind to crack it.