1. Learning so many words does not work

In the IELTS exam, rote learning does not work, it is a language exam. Learning a long list of vocabulary words is not a fruitful technique. The only way to enhance a skill is by practicing it. In terms of vocabulary, learning new words and using those words in practice can assist in enhancing it. Whereas, cramming more and more vocabulary words can never help in improving it.

2. There are no such specific words that can boost your score

specific words that can boost your score

There is a myth among candidates that they can impress the examiner by writing some specific vocabulary words. However, this formula is a complete failure. Using some simple words are as beneficial as difficult words. The only essential thing is to make proper sentences. Candidates must have knowledge where these words should be used in the sentence.

3. There is no short cut to learn vocabulary

short cut to learn vocabulary

It is essential to understand that one cannot become a master of vocabulary within a few days. It requires time to have a good hold on vocabulary words. Therefore, it is better to learn with the passage of time without rushing to learn all the words quickly. Moreover, candidates are never penalized for not using a specific word in the writing test. However, they are marked down if they misspell a word.

4. Practice is the only key to succeed in terms of vocabulary

IELTS Practice

In all the modules of IELTS, practice is the only way to score good bands. Vocabulary is of utmost importance in this exam; to improve it, practice helps a lot. Learning new words and using those words by doing practice on a daily basis, it can be enhanced.

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