What Is Body Language?

As it is rightly said ‘actions speak louder than words’ which means that the way we behave definitely affect our performance. Body language plays an imperative role in the communication process.  The way we sit, the way we approach the other person can have both negative and positive impact. To excel in the field of communication an individual must mind his or her physical actions.

Why the Study Of Body Language Important?

Our body movements and gestures are really very important when it comes to communication. The way we physically behave shows how confident and how nervous we are.  In case of a job interview the interviewer always judges the body language of the interviewee. A candidate who is correct in sitting posture and confident has more chances of getting job. Lack of eye contact, arms folded in front of the body, rubbing nose, tense expressions, stammering and clearing throat, pressing fingers etc are some examples of negative body language.

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How to Make Your First Impression The Best Impression?

  1. Maintain Eye Contact
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    This is the true sign of confidence. Whenever you meet someone always meet with appositive approach, look into the eyes of the other person as this shows that you are attentive, engaged and sincere. Don’t stare at the floor as this is the sign of lack of confidence.

  2. Relax your shoulders – Sit comfortably and do mind your posture. Holding shoulder nearby your ears is a sign of tension, so avoid this.

  3. Mind your Hands-   Beware of your hand moments and gestures. For example, putting hands in the pocket while talking can be a sign of overconfidence which can add to a negative impression on the other person.

  4. Sit in a comfortable posture and just RELAX-  Relax Your Shoulders - Welkin - IELTS - Chandigarh Relax and try to overcome your anxiety. This will help you to improve your body language. Avoid too much tilting of your head, as this indicates submissiveness. A slight tilt may work which is a sign of showing interest.

  5. Awareness is important- Be aware about the importance of body language and know about the consequences which you can face. Judge others and try to learn something new.
  6. A Smile can set everything right- you can extend your smile up to mile.
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    YES, that is the thing you have to follow. Smiling face can overcome every situation.

  7. Don’t touch your face and neck- This is again a sign of nervousness, so don’t cover your nervousness with your hands.

  8. Right posture– Take care of your posture and don’t slouch.  Do not lean and stand with confidence.

  9. Mirror the other person
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    If you are talking to other people, sitting or standing next to the other person, always try to mirror their body posture, try to match their tone and pitch to carry a healthy interaction.

  10. Try to engage yourself– Try to engage yourself well in this process. Do not stare at something else; try to show interest with proper nodding of head and show respect to the other person.  Take active participation and give proper answer with good tone.


The above tips can become lucrative when implemented properly by an individual. KEEP in that these nonverbal signals are essential for your success in every field.



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