Vocabulary includes the range of words used for certain context at the specific situation. Vocabulary is a core component of language proficiency and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read and write. It plays an imperative role in IELTS writing and speaking module. The more uncommon words the candidates use the chances of scoring better band increases.How to Improve Your Vocabulary Skills for IELTS

Apart from the important tools like grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, the examiner analyze the vocabulary skill of a candidate. There are different ways to increase the IELTS vocabulary skills.

Read in order to understand

One of the best ways to expand the IELTS vocabulary aptitude is by becoming an avid reader. Reading the content by understanding the meaning of the sentence can be of great help. One mistake which candidates do is by reading the sentence without concentrating on what it means.

Reading magazines, story books and newspapers can also be a predominant habit to improve the vocabulary.

Learn Synonym by making a sentence

Different words depict distinct meaning and synonym which can be used in several ways to express the same view. In the current scenario, the content of books involves complex words which can be difficult to understand, hence, it is important to know more words and its usage.

Use a dictionary

Most people know how to use the dictionary to look up to the words they find it difficult to understand. Carry a pocket dictionary which can be taken anywhere you go. In this techno- savvy era, dictionary apps are available on mobile phones.  Remember to use the whole sentence while you learn a word.

Indulge in Word games and puzzles

Games and puzzles like scramble or crosswords can be of great help and inundate with words of wisdom. Continuous reading and looking up the dictionary can be monotonous for some learners, the introduction of the puzzles not only act as a diversion but a way to use the word effectively in the right context by making it more interesting.


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