Excellent leaders are made as well as born.

Effective leadership lies in mastering a wide range of skills, from implementing and administrating processes to inspiring others to achieve excellence. Effective Leadership shows how to make the most of opportunities to learn to lead, whether by observing others, or through formal training. A good leader would have the ability to think creatively and to solve problems.

Learning to be a Leader

There are some obvious qualities that makes person a good leader competitiveness, communication skills. In Today scenario effective leadership indulge lot more than just being a good visionary or a good orator. Great leaders are aware of their own approach and make the best endeavor to learn how their style actually comes across to their team. They learn to flex their leadership style to individual team members so that they communicate and behave in ways that motivate and inspire.

Traits of an effective leader:

Learning to be a Leader

There are some attributes which an effective leadership person should have:

1. Emotional stability: Good leaders must be able to endure frustration and stress.
2. Focus: People who possess leadership quality should have a strong stated mission to assist people on. If a good leader not sure, how can their people be sure?
3. Respect: There should no bias treatment with people. No matter what class or what rank in the organisation they have. Everyone should give equal preference without any favouritism.
4. Passion: One of the main characteristic of a productive leader. Whatever it is , you must have a passion for what you are doing.
5. Splendid persuasion abilities: People have to accept your credibility and reliability. People belief in you, your mission, your facts or your reputation are key to being a great leader.

Focusing On Quality

Learning to be a Leader

The aim of leadership is to help others to achieve their personal best.This involves setting high but realistic performance goals, finding ways to improve operations and procedures, and striving for total quality in all areas.Always strive to preach quality and practise improvement. One should have the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals in a given situation.

A good leader should be rational rather than demagogue


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