LISTEN AND WRITE WELL (Listening Write from Dictation)

Listening write from dictation will assess the writing and listening ability of the candidate. PTE listening is the most scoring and easiest module of PTE. This task of write from dictation can help the candidate in enhancing the overall score of listening.

What is Write from Dictation?

In this task the test taker will hear a recording after which the student has to write the sentence heard with proper spellings and grammar. The audio begins to play automatically, so rush and write .The prompt length in this task is 3-5 seconds. The recording here will be between three and five seconds long and there will be three or four sentences. This is the easiest and scoring section of PTE listening.

So, strain your every nerve and get well started with implementing following tips to outclass this task.

LISTEN AND WRITE WELL (Listening Write from Dictation)


Tips are useful only when they are actually used by the candidate at the final day of the test. So, be confident

  1. Devote your time in listening and writing English. This will help you to get comfortable with the accent. Listen songs watch movies and videos to make your practice interesting.
  2. Leave no question unanswered and write whatever you hear.
  3. Type the answer quickly, so that you do not forget the content heard.
  4. Candidate will get an erasable notepad, which can be used for writing notes. Do not scribble and keep your writing clear.
  5. If you hear any word which you don’t understand, still write something or make a guess.
  6. After writing the sentences go through it again and check your mistakes. Ensure your spellings, grammar and punctuation is correct.
  7. Best tip here is -Listen carefully as the recording will play only once.
  8. Only way to succeed this task is to practice daily to excel this task.

LISTEN AND WRITE WELL (Listening Write from Dictation)

So, leave no stone unturned in case of preparation and love to listen …….

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