PTE EXAM(Pearson Test of English Exam)Which is held to assess the ability of candidate in four aspects of English language i.e; reading, speaking, writing, listening.

Here are some best tips and tricks which can help the candidate to obtain good score in PTE


  • Know the pattern of PTE and the type of question that is being asked in the test.This will help the candidate to answer the question according to the need of the task.
  • While preparing for PTE Exam try to strengthen up your basic grammar and vocabulary which is needed for all the modules.
  • Improve your fluency and pronunciation to get a good score in speaking section.
  • In case of writing beware of spellings and punctuation (commas, full stop, and capital letter).
  • Beware of questions with negative marking and answer smartly.
  • Manage your time to answer all modules of PTE Exam.
  • In case of speaking practice different images and make a vocabulary list to explain its important points.
  • Do not close your eyes in speaking and listening.Doing this can create a problem as there are some questions which are pictorial.Usually, candidates close their eyes for full concentration, which should be totally avoided.
  • In case of a rewrite, the lecture makes proper notes of main ideas and write more than 50 words which should not exceed 70 words.
  • Don’t leave any question unanswered and try to give your best.
  • Avoid repetition of words in speaking and use words you are comfortable with.
  • Try to summarize the image within 40 seconds and conclude it as well.
  • Be confident in case of retelling the lecture and don’t panic if you run out of thoughts. Just keep on speaking and do conclude the lecture to wind it up.
  • In case of read-aloud make sure you spell the words correctly and do not correct yourself in between the task.
  • Keep in mind the format in case of summarize writing make a summary of 5 to 75 words. In essay word limit should be 200 to 300 words whereas for rewrite the’ lecture’ the word limit is 50 to 70 words.
  • In case of reading skim and scan the paragraph before answering single and multiple questions of this module.
  • Don’t give a pause in the middle of your answer for more than three seconds. If you do so the recording will move on to the next question and your answer will be incomplete.
  • PTE exam will feature 20 different tasks, each assessing candidate’s ability to speak and understand English.So, test takers should prepare themselves in such a way that they enhance their overall linguistic skill.


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