PTE Academic reading test

PTE Academic reading test

PTE Academic reading test assesses the ability of the candidate to understand the written text. This task judges the reading capabilities and knowledge of an individual in regard to vocabulary and basic awareness of English language. This module of PTE cannot be considered as a piece of cake, hence requires efforts in return. Following tips can be helpful to get the desired scores.

Foster yourself towards reading 

The only way to succeed in this complex task is to polish your comprehension abilities with the help of everyday reading.This will increase the reading and understanding propensity which will make this task more interesting.Try to increase the reading speed and make efforts to summarize the content in your own words which will be further helpful for writing task as well.

Hit the jackpot with vocabulary

A good vocabulary is the ins and outs of success for this as well as other modules of PTE. Start learning new words and create a new vocabulary list with synonyms and try to make sentences. Learn collocations, idioms which will be equally helpful.

 Know your Grammar

Leave no stone unturned in case of grammar. Start going through basic grammar like knowledge of noun, verb, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, tenses etc. Know in depth about countable and uncountable nouns and part of speech. Having a good knowledge about grammar will help a candidate to judge the appropriate answers for the fill-ups.

Hit the nail on the head –Time Management

Reading is for 32-41 minutes and will depend on a number of questions and length of the passage which need proper skimming and scanning of the content. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on each multiple choice single answer questions and contribute approximately 2.5 minutes towards multiple answers. For the re-order which seems to be an ache for students needs just 3-4 minutes on each question whereas for the blanks 1.5 minutes for each question will be sufficient.

PTE Academic reading test

Some lucrative Tips

Skim the text and get the information about the main idea to answer single as well as multiple questions. There is negative marking in multiple-choice questions multiple answers, so try to make the best choice.

Look for synonyms while finding the correct answer for single answers.

Concentrate on the part of speech before and after the blank in fill up section.

Find independent sentences and supporting sentences in case of reordering paragraph.

Leave no question unanswered and trust yourself and your gut feeling while answering.

Recognize your weakness and practice accordingly and take corrective actions regarding the same.






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