What is PTE Describe Image?

PTE describe Image as the name explains is describing the given image within 40 seconds.This task takes into consideration the fluency, pronunciation and the content where a division of time is -25 second to judge the image and 40 seconds to answer the question.There are five to six Describe the images.

Best PTE Describe Image Tips

Start Speaking And Improve Your Fluency:

Best PTE Describe Image Tips

The way to succeed in this task is to dedicate yourself towards proper learning of English language, as this will help you to score well in this module.Know your strengths and weakness and work for all aspects that are required for this task.Speak in English and try to improve your grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.Make your list of vocabulary and use the same while practicing.


Best PTE Describe Image Tips

Please understand that in the given time all aspects of the image cannot be explained.This task is set to check the hold of the candidate on the language.The following structure can be used by the test taker to explain the image and give his best in this module.


Best PTE Describe Image Tips

Give yourself 10 seconds in the starting to introduce the image.Introduce the image, use proper grammar.Paraphrase the heading and focus the information given on X axis and Y axis.Use synonyms and avoid repetition.For example –The graph shows/displays the number of institutions in Chandigarh.


After completion of introduction, the next step is to explain the highlighting factor of the graph.You can go for the highest factor and the changing trends within the years mentioned. If you see any constant factor, lowest factor in the image you can explain that too. But try to explain it within 20 seconds. Try to speak clearly without getting confused in between the task.Remember one thing –SPEAKING IN FLUENCY AND PRONUNCIATION =TO SUCCESS.


Best PTE Describe Image Tips

Summarize your image in the end.Keep last 10 seconds for the conclusion part.Don’t use many factors in the end and try to keep it simple and precise. The task is for 40 seconds, that means PTE demands that at least the test taker should speak till 37 to 38 seconds.Use the word OVERALL as this word gives an idea that the candidate is winding up the image.


Best PTE Describe Image Tips
  • The first and foremost step is to identify the type of image before starting this task. Identify if it is a graph, map, pie chart, line graph or table.
  • Start making notes and prepare yourself for the coming 40 seconds.
  •  Don’t stop speaking during the task and if you run out of thoughts do not pause for more than 3 seconds.If you do so the microphone will automatically stop.
  •  keep your tenses strong and use present tense and future tense according to the given data in the image.
  •  Never go off the track and just stick to the image given
  • Speak something don’t be quiet.Speak something related to what you see in the image.This will help you to gain some marks.
  • Content is important but does keep in mind your fluency and pronunciation as they are equally important factors.
  • Be natural, clear, confident while performing this task.Do not try to copy the accent and be natural while you speak.Don’t rush while speaking as this may affect your pronunciation and computer might not be able to correctly capture all your words.
  • Use words you are comfortable with and don’t repeat sentences.
  • Complete the task within time and don’t keep your speaking incomplete because if the PTE Describe Image remains incomplete and the recording stops without conclusion, you may lose marks in content.
  • Don’t correct yourself in between the task and don’t run a rat race.

Try using these Best PTE Describe Image Tips.
So All the Best and Work Hard.
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