PTE Examination Has Some Do’s and Don’t’s Which Candidate Must Follow to Achieve Best Results.

The examination is a word which brings stress. Candidates prepare themselves very well before going to exam, but still one cannot control his or her anxiety level. How to overcome this is a matter of concern. Small mistakes can create a situation of stress during the examination. This PTE examination is computer-based and this makes the candidate doubtful which further increases error rate. Here are some dos and don’ts of this examination.

Do & don't for PTE


– Prepare yourself well before appearing for this examination.
– Start studying at a noisy place. This is because the ambience of examination hall will not be peaceful. There will be a lot of disturbance, so studying at a noisy place is going to help you to perform     the task in distractions.
– Everyday practice of Basic English can be very helpful in this case.
– Don’t live in the illusion that PTE is a very easy exam and you can give it a random try. Give time for preparation as failure can lead you to a stressful situation and can delay your future plans.
– Reach the examination centre 30 minutes before your test and don’t forget to bring acceptable ID proof.
– Be active and if you face any technical problem, just don’t wait and immediately raise your hand and talk to your invigilator.

Say No in PTE


– Speaking in non-native accent.
– Shouting while doing the speaking.
– Rushing to finish the test.
– Answering without reading question.
– Closing eyes and speaking.
– Irrelevant pauses.

Remember to keep calm and attempt this exam with full preparation. Know the format of the exam and get your desired goal.

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