PUT PEN TO PAPER-Carry the day with writing

Carry the day with writing is an art and depends on creativity of an individual. In PTE, this module is a difficult task as its accomplishment needs good hold over the language. The speaking here is divided into two sections  which may include 2 summaries  and  one essay or  1 essay and 3  summaries  or  3 summary and one essay . Time allotment will fluctuate according to the number of questions that can be 40, 50 or 60 minutes respectively.


This module will judge the reading and writing ability of the candidate. Test taker has to make a summary in 5 to 75 words and time allotted for the same is 10 minutes for each summary.


Be careful as the demand for this task is just one sentence with one full stop but yes you can use connectors, commas and semicolon to complete it in required criteria.

Big No to Complex Sentences

Do not use lengthy and complex sentences as this may lead the test taker towards a messy situation in which the probability of making mistakes may increase.  To avoid this do not use connectors you are not sure about and avoid more than 3 commas.

Be Quick Enough to Judge the Keywords

Concentrate on the main points. Don’t summarize each and every sentence of the passage. There will be some supporting paragraphs which will not be important, so do not dig a pit for yourself by writing irrelevant sentences. This will check the ability of candidate whether he is efficient enough to understand the passage and make a summary of all important information.

All in All Tips

Try to write 30 to 40 words for the best answer.

While writing be aware of spellings. Do not write examples, illustrations and reasons.

Do not use I, me, and we etc because summary is written in third person form.

Use initial capital letter for a noun and while starting the sentence.

Do proof reading of content and check your sentence formation.

Know your strength and weakness and try to build in habit of writing.

Give a thought and use good vocabulary and connectors.

Usually candidates  combine two sentences and just to complete the format put full stop in the end .This will not work here ,connection is important between the sentences .

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