Retell lecture the most important task of speaking in PTE. This is the task which is usually an ache for the students giving this test. Retell lecture will judge listening plus speaking ability of the test taker. So, put into practice the following to achieve the desired and best results in this task.


What is Retell Lecture?

In this task, the test taker will listen to a lecture of (50 -90 )seconds and after listening to the student has to speak for 40 seconds giving the summary of main points. Following traits are judged in this task –


The only success mantra for PTE Retell lecture is spoken and keeps speaking. Say NO to irrelevant pauses, hesitation and be confident. Pay attention to pronunciation as if you are not clear to computer and words spelled are not correct then it’s obvious you are going to lose marks.


What is to be done in this task of PTE?

The test taker will have to speak for 40 seconds to club all the important keywords of the lecture heard. Do not go with detail just focus on the important aspect of the lecture.


Useful Tips –How to obtain the higher score in PTE-Retell lecture?

  • Making notes is the best way to note keywords.So, start writing as soon as the speaker starts delivering the lecture.
  • Do not pause for more than 3 seconds and be clear while you speaking.
  • Know your weak points and practice daily. Listen to short lecture videos and get yourself comfortable with the accent.Record your voice and access yourself daily to eradicate your errors.
  • Do not use I, me, myself.You can start your lecture with –The lecture was about, he/she talks about, The lecturer give emphasis on……
  • There can also be a picture on the screen that can be related to the lecture. This can be quit helpful as you can get a hint about the lecture that is going to be played.If you are not able to make notes then this can act as a secondary option and you can speak something related to image by having a look on it .
  • If you don’t have much content written, Do not panic just elaborate the stuff you have and conclude the lecture in the end.
  • Work on your pronunciation and fluency.
  • Speak something rather than keeping quiet.
  • Listen very carefully as there is no option to replay.So, lower your anxiety and perform fearlessly.
  • Be smart enough while making notes and do not write everything.Keep your handwriting clear enough so that at time of clubbing you face no problem.

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