How to Score Good bands for IELTS Reading

The second test in IELTS is reading and it holds three different sections. Below are some IELTS Reading tips about how can you improve your score and overcome the fear of scoring fewer bands in this particular module of  IELTS course.


How to Score Good bands for IELTS Reading


Enjoy reading

The only way you can be good at reading when you actually start reading!  You can easily pass IELTS reading test, you need to enhance your reading habit on regular basis. Start your day by reading a newspaper or a magazine, speak loudly so that you can also hear yourself.

Skimming and Scanning

IELTS exam preparation center gives many IELTS reading practice tips and also try to boost your reading skills. The two skills which can help in reading are skimming (reading quickly for general meaning) and scanning (Looking for specific information). It is usually advised that we do not need to read the whole passage for finding out the answer, which is not the right way. We need to understand the specific line in order to get an appropriate answer. These two techniques will help in accessing the length of the text in a given time period.

Time Management

IELTS format can be mastered by managing time judiciously. Time plays an indispensable role in answering the group of questions. Each passage needs to be done in 20 minutes in order to complete the whole 60 minutes reading task. This means determining various factors; How long we look at the text before answering questions, How long we spend on each question, Do we leave time at the end to go back to look at unanswered questions? This all can be practiced at home or by attending an IELTS coaching center.

Read the Questions to understand

While IELTS exam preparation, candidates usually search for keywords.Searching for the keywords is not going to help too much in the reading section. One needs to ‘read and understand’ preferably translating into the ‘native language’. Beware of matching the paragraph with headings only on the basis of matching same words.

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