Learning English is mandatory for everyone and people all over the world keen to learn it as a second language. Learning English doesn’t generally need to mean sitting in the classroom and concentrate on precarious sentence structure. There are other ways to learn the English language:

1. Watch English movies:

Watch English movies

It is difficult to learn a foreign language, so learner should choose an interesting movie. By watching English movies you can easily learn new English words. Try to watch movies with subtitles and keep a dictionary with yourself! In case of any trouble to understand any word take the help of a dictionary.

2. Read English books/daily papers:

Read English books

An incredible method for honing your English voluntarily. You can take the single word at once at your own pace, without your educator peering behind you. In case you’re learning at an amateur to the moderate level, get a kids’ book where the dialect will be simpler than a grown-up book. Daily papers are additionally worth perusing. Practice every day. Decide how much time you are going to spend on it.

3 Immerse yourself in English environment:

You should engage yourself in an English environment as much as possible. Try to interact in English with your family, friends and relatives; it is a very effective way to practice spoken English. Don’t be anxious to make mistakes. People can only rectify your mistakes, by doing this you can easily know your flaws.

4. Make sense of your best time to learn:

best time to learn

Is it true that you are a morning or evening individual? On the off chance that you can work out when your mind is at its most honed then you ought to pack in your dialect learning as of now. A few people work best before anything else and turn off the afternoon, while for others; it requires a long time to move each day.

5. Record your lesson: 

Record your lesson

Take benefit as much as possible from the recorder on your cell phone and practice articulation. This is a decent method for learning pronunciation since you may know it when you initially hear it at that point overlook it later. You can easily review the content of your conversation and notice areas where you need to improve.

6. Review! Review! Review:

Time for review

Make sure to take the review of your things which you have learned in the past. Try to use all those words in your sentence which you have studied.

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