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Welkin Edusolutions‘ is the key-point representation of the pedigree, methodology and philosophy that empowers Welkin to stand out tall and true to our motto of “Delivering Success” and gives you an idea that what sets us apart from others.

A Scientific Approach

Welkin follows a scientific and structured approach to help you in your endeavour. At Welkin in-depth understanding of specific requirements of the students, a result oriented plan of action and intensive handholding by highly dedicated faculty and trainers are followed by practical execution in simulated environment, continuous evaluation and actionable feedback.

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    The Personal Touch

    Welkin is a unique concept where “process meets people”. Our strong processes are always backed by great people – highly effective educators, trainers and mentors, who live by our motto of “Delivering Success” to each of our learners. Through this team, we ensure that we provide highly personalized attention to your specific needs at every step of your journey with us. Throughout your association with Welkin, you shall receive required mentoring and guidance from them.

    The simple idea of “Delivering Success”

    Welkin runs on a very simple yet a very holistic idea of “Delivering Success” to each individual learner. Whatever we do, we do it from our belief that it will help you to be successful. We always walk those extra miles because we believe that Welkin will be successful only if it can deliver success for you. And this actually sets us apart from others.

    Welkin Edusolutions offers Best Speaking Courses in Chandigarh

    English is not only a global language, but it is also the lingua franca of India. Importance of English in a multi-lingual country like India is ever increasing. To ensure your academic and professional success and overall personality development, we have come up with Welkin Cruise – the most effective English Communication development training programme for different groups of learners with different requirements.

    Communication is your ticket to success…

    Welkin Edusolutions offers Best Speaking Courses in Chandigarh. This Course helps candidates to communicate confidently and fluently in English. This is appropriate for those who are comfortable in English grammar, but need to improve their speaking fluency for various professional, academic and social requirements.

    Welkin Edusolutions Course Highlight

    • English Grammar – brush-up
    • Rapid vocabulary build up
    • Advanced Sentence Construction
    • Real-life/ Situational Conversations
    • Extempore & Group Conversation
    • Introduction to Presentation & Public Speaking
    • Audio Visual Classes for Listening & Comprehension
    • Para-language/ Vocalic (Tone, Inflection, Pitch etc.)
    • Articulation and elocution
    • Additional Reading & Writing sessions

    The Best IELTS Classes in Chandigarh

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