Interview word is usually a word of tension for everybody. It is a process where a set of different questions are asked to check the capability of the candidate. This can be one to one interaction or a group discussion among the candidates. After the completion of all the rounds, the best candidate is selected. Here are some tips that can help you to be the one who will stand smart in the crowd of competition.

Follow steps for interview

Implement the tips and create your own performance standard

1. Be on time because first impression is the last impression in work area. Reach your destination before time and be punctual.
2. Keep yourself calm and be confident. Lack of confidence and increased stress level can definitely reduce your performance level.
3. Dressing is impressing…. Yes, that’s true. Dress according to the requirement. Wear smart formals and carry yourself tidy. Tie your hair neatly plus do check your shoes. Wear professional colors.
4. Prepare well before going to the organization. Know about the Company as this can enhance your performance. Be aware about the post you are applying for and practice on some general questions. You can go through some often asked questions in an interview from the internet.
5. Be a good listener during the interview process. Understand the question and answer accordingly.
6. Keep a positive look on your face and smile. Maintain your body language and be sure about your posture. Eye to Eye contact is the actual sign of confidence. So, while answering keep this thing in mind.
7. Brush up your memory and remember the documents you need to carry. Bring all important documents asked. Resume is the most important document here.
8. Be soft and friendly with everyone you meet.
9. Switch off your phone.
10. Before sitting, wish the interviewer politely and ask for his permission to sit.
11. Sell yourself well- This is what you have to do. Convince the interviewer why you are better. Let him know about your knowledge about the company.
12. Highlight what you can do for the company.
13. Ask about the follow-up and say ’Thank you‘, to the interviewer before leaving the room.

steps not follow for interview

Big ‘No’ to the following

1. Use of slangs.
2. Do not disrespect the interviewer.
3. Don’t be overconfident and underestimate the interviewer. Do not show off while highlighting your achievements.
4. Impatient.
5. Chewing gum.
6. Do not interrupt or correct the interviewer.
7. Don’t go empty stomach and have good sleep a day before your interview.
8. Do not look disinterested. Looking out of a window, yawning and picking of the nose should be avoided.
9. Lie
10. Speak against your previous workplace and boss.
11. Bright colors and over fashionable accessories.
12. Excess touching of the face, neck, and playing with hair are signs of nervousness. Hence, lower your anxiety level and be confident to give your best.


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