IELTS Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing has become prevalent from the last decade; it is about expressing our point of view in words on a certain topic. IELTS writing task(2) includes an essay which has to be written in different styles.

Types of essay are:

• Agree/Disagree
• Discuss two opinions
• Advantages and Disadvantages
• Causes (reason) and solution
• Causes (reasons) and effect
• Problem and Solution

The task should be done in 40 minutes with around 250-280 words.There are few tips which can improve in essay writing.

IELTS Essay writing tips

Task Management

While doing this IELTS writing task one has to manage the time with the task.A time duration of the task can be segregated in order to analyze, write and complete the task.

40 minutes

Layout: Before writing the essay, it’s very important to read the question and understand it carefully. Approximately 5 minutes should be spent on the interpretation of what needs to be conveyed as per the demand of the essay.The planning of the points which needs to be mentioned must be organized so that candidate can easily achieve good scores.

Writing: After the layout, start writing the points and elaborating it with the support of examples.Use of uncommon vocabulary, connectors, proper grammar has to be effectively implemented.

Proof-Reading: The last step would include reading whatever is being written in order to check the spelling, missing word etc. send at least 5 minutes for examining the written content.

IELTS Essay Writing Tips

Passive Voice

In IELTS essay, passive voice plays an imperative role.In this when the performer (who has done the action) is not more important than the object; it can be called as passive voice. In passive voice statement, the subject will always come first.

For Instance:

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.(Active)
The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.(Passive)

Mom read the novel in one day.(Active)
The novel was read by my mom in one day.(Passive)

Hence, in IELTS essay the more effectively passive voice is being used, the more chances are there to score the best band.

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