Vocabulary is 25% of marks for IELTS Writing & Speaking. Try to remember vocabulary and implement all those words in order to get good scores. However, learning words can be a difficult aspect; it may take months of practice. Getting familiar with complex words take effort and time.

Few tips can help in improving the Vocabulary:


It is a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or association which assists in remembering something. However, this type of techniques can enhance the vocabulary words. Hence, it can be in a form of rhyme, image or phrase.


Therefore, reading can be a good habit to gain immense knowledge and information. It carries information of politics, economy, science and technology, beauty etc.  However, this can help build more vocabulary.

Tips to memorise vocabulary words in IELTS Writing & Speaking


Moreover, in order to learn new words, synonym and antonym can play an indispensable role. Also, it will broaden the horizon of learning ability. Therefore, repetitions of words can make content boring and monotonous. Synonym refers to the words with same meaning, whereas, Antonym means the opposite of the meaning.

However, students should not go through the words mechanically. They can learn the words as per their interest. Therefore, few examples are being provided as per the topic. Hence, aspirants can learn words by seeing pictures.

 Vocabulary Words for IELTS

Crime and Law

  • Encroachment – Unlawful entering gradually without permission upon land and property.

Tips to memorise vocabulary words in IELTS Writing & Speaking


  • Physically attack

Tips to memorise vocabulary words in IELTS Writing & Speaking

There are other few words which can be learned with images.

  • Vendetta – long and violent fight between two families for seeking revenge.
  • Betray- cheat, deceive
  • Honour Killing – Killing of a family member who is believed to disrepute the family.
  • Abduct – to kidnap a child etc
  • Assassinate or slay – kill
  • Vandalism – damaging public property
  • Arson – setting building on fire
  • Extortion – practice of obtaining money through threats
  • Juvenile Delinquency- Crime committed by minors or under 18.
  • Communal riots – violence between communities
  • Abscond – to escape
  • Conspire – to plot secretly
  • Instigate or provoke – incite someone to do something bad.
  • Illicit/ illegitimate – illegal
  • Heinous, brutal, unforgivable – cruel
  • Traitor- who has cheated the country


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