Repeat sentence as the name suggests is repeating the sentence as heard.This is an important task of speaking module.Here three traits will be tested which includes content, pronunciation, oral fluency.In this task memory power of the candidate play an important role to attain good marks in content part.Repeat sentence task generally contains over 7 words.
Following are some tips and trick which can definitely help the candidate to attain good score in speaking –

1. Write and Practise:

Start practicing well and try to note down the keywords.This can help the students to memorize the sentence well which can further help in getting good marks in content.This technique is not useful for everyone, as many students are not comfortable in writing and then speaking.So some students prefer closing their eyes and then speaking as this help them to grasp the important words easily.So, CHOOSE YOUR WAY.

2. Take your own test:Best Tips to outshine in Repeat Sentence

Start challenging yourself and play games which can increase your remembrance power.This task will also check your memory, so try to focus on this factor to remember the words.

3. Work on your Pronunciation and Fluency:Best Tips to outshine in Repeat Sentence

Start focusing on your pronunciation and fluency.Do not stop, don’t take a pause, just speak without imitating the accent of the speaker.Be natural.But try to break the sentences, take proper stress on words.This will help to reduce the errors and omission in the sentences.Try to use intonations as without this the sentence will sound very boring and also focus on the rate of speech, rhythm.Speak something rather than being quiet to obtain some marks.Pronounce all consonants and vowels clearly.

Explore all avenuesBest Tips to outshine in Repeat Sentence

Practice makes a man perfect is rightly said.Practice well.Listen and speak English.Watch English movies and brush up your skills. Be confident and speak without hesitation.

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